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Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.

– Aristotle –


In the following you find some of my recommendations on books that optimizes your leadership skills, provides you with a toolbox for business value oriented and customer centric thinking, agile handbooks, as well as books that help to the improve communication and presentation skills.
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These books improve your agile thinking and work as guide to think more business oriented and customer centric by provided the right methodologies.
Customer centric, agile thinking and business value orientation are quite ofen part of a change strategy. Yet, the change pays little regard to enable people to think and act that way. Theyfore the face the challange to change but have not the knowledge on how to change. The resulting conflict can weigh heavy on the organization and easily overwhelm it. Change has to happen on each level, especially there, where the actual work gets done. But this is quite ofen the exact part that the change is missing out on, as it focuses on the organziational structure, hierarchies and goals. Therefore, a good methodology or some canvases are a very easy way to guide the organization through the change into a new direction. Stop talking about work and start working!

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It is important to communicate target audience oriented. Be aware, that if someone is presented with several power point presentation throught the day, that your presentation should have the extra to catch their interesst and provide information at a level that the receiving end of your presentation understands. As simple as this sound, we get caught up in the details that seem more important to us, then for someone who is not that familar with the projects we are working on. They will get to much information and lose interesst.
To avoid this, work on your presentation skills. I highly recommend you 'TED Talks' by Chris Anderson. A book, that give you the perfect guideline for a good presentation.
Also, when we talk about communication in the business context, there is one very important challenge: Getting Budget for you project. I have seen countless presentations to get a budget approval. Thee people who prepare these presentations, usually fail to understand that they are targeting an investor. You might think the person who approves your budget is someone from your company, a colleague, a supervisor, a board member and therefore bombard them with to much detail und to little insights on why they should invest and what it brings. Take your time to understand their position and their profile and approach them as an investors for your idea, just like you have seen it on TV shows.
Investors are interessted in the best investment and usually there are several people or in our case projects in competition to each other. Ergo, if you want the money, deliver the perfect pitch! The 'Agile Presentation Design' helps you achieve that.
Last but not least, empathy is an important factor in communication and can make a huge difference in the outcome of conversation. The good old classic of Dale Carnegie 'How to win Friends and Influence People' is not just for your personal life, but helps you in the business context as well.

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As a modern leader your main goal is to enable your teams to perform at their best. This is a very complex endeavor and one that requires you to changes faster then anybody else. Therefore, coachings methods and areas of psychology such as group dynmaics become relevant for your daily work.

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